Infographic: Facebook’s 2011 Highlights

23 Jan

We all love Facebook don’t we? It is a key player in social media marketing and even acts as a secondry website for most brands.

We wanted to share a great infographic from Socialbakers, looking at Facebook’s headline stats last year, including top brand pages:

Facebook 2011 Infographic

Facebook 2011 Infographic


All About Augmented Reality, Fashion and Beauty

17 Jan

You have heard another buzz term being put out there recently – ‘augmented reality’. While this may sound like something from The Matrix,  it’s actually a new breed of app technology that’s taking the world by storm.

So what exactly is it?

Augmented reality is one of the newest innovations in the electronics industry. It superimposes graphics, audio and other sense enhancements from computer screens onto real time environments.

Just like with the 3D technology and the glasses-free 3D technology, this is actually an old concept that didn’t develop further because there weren’t gadgets or devices to propel a mass adoption.

With the latest generation of augmented reality apps, there’s a lot of fun to be had on your phone. Here are some of our favourites:

eBay's app

eBay's app

  1. eBay’s app allows you to try sunglasses on virtually! You can choose different styles, fit the glasses to your face using a pinch and zoom measurement and then purchase the perfect pair, right from the palm of your hand!
  2. Google Goggles [iPhone, Android. Free.] This augmented reality app from the search colossus uses your phone’s camera to provide text and image translations plus information on landmarks and works of art. One major caveat: you need a data connection to use it, so know your roaming fees.
  3. Cyclopedia: adds Wikipedia information to your reality. When you move your iPhone around, the app will automatically dig up information and display it on your screen.

5. Star Chart: gives you your very own virtual star chart on your iPhone. Just point your iPhone to the sky and this app will tell you what you are looking at.
How’s fashion and beauty embracing it?

Burberry's AR show

Burberry's AR show

AR might be a catchy thing to do with mobile, but it also goes beyond this. Retailers are using it. In April last year, Burberry celebrated its Beijing store opening with an AR catwalk show in which holographic Burberry-clad models appeared to walk among the live models.


Hugo Boss had a ‘media wall’ which allowed customers to ‘dress’ models onscreen, who responded to their movements – walking, looking and moving with them.

As with fashion and beauty, there’s an element of fantasy here and that’s why it works:

Shiseido's Magic Mirror

Shiseido's Magic Mirror

Shiseido’s Magic Mirror, now touring British department stores, is an AR-facilitated make-up simulator that allows shoppers to test products without being smeared with unsuitable makeup.

So you see, it’s as limited as your imagination allows it be!

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Pinterest. What is it and how can it help my business?

12 Jan

You must get ready for a new addiction. Yes that’s right, there’s a new social media channel and you’re going to be hooked. Pinterest.



What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool used to “pin” images found around the Web into categorised collections, or boards. Think of it like an interactive, shareable scrapbook. You can follow and tag users, comment on their boards and much more.

How it Works:

  1. Request an invite from someone you know who might be on there, you can also login using your Facebook or Twitter account for instant access.
  2. Pinning is easy with the official Pin It Button, a simple drag-and-drop browser extension. When you come across an image you like, just click the button and select the corresponding picture. Assign the pin to a Board, add accompanying text, and you’re done.
  3. To install the “Pin It” button in Chrome:
    1. Display your Bookmarks by clicking the Wrench Icon > Tools > Always Show Bookmarks Bar
    2. Drag the “Pin It” button to your Bookmarks bar
    3. When you are browsing the web, push the “Pin It” button to pin an image

    Once installed in your browser, the “Pin It” button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. When you pin from a website, we automatically grab the source link so we can credit the original creator.

    Pinterest boards

    Pinterest boards

How to use it for business:

Once again, as with any social network, you can really humanise your business and bring a very fun, creative element to it with Pinterest. Here’s how to make it work for you:

  1. Find new customers: Pinterest is collaborative, so use this to drive more people to your site by following other people, commenting on their boards and posting frequently.
  2. Inspirational: You might see this as just another site which demands more of your time, but you’ll find that it can drive ideas for your business blog and you can create moodboards for new campaigns using photography and more on this site.
  3. Hold a competition: As you’ve seen through Twitter and Facebook, people love a good competition.
  4. Don’t just promote your own product: Pinterest might seem like a natural place to promote your small business, but do so with caution. It’s frowned upon to spam your Boards with nothing but your own products or projects. That doesn’t mean it’s outright banned, but you need to contribute more to the community if you want to stay in its good graces
  5. Drive traffic to your site: Pinterest is a great and creative way to drive traffic to your site. If your boards are interesting, you look interesting and so people will take an interest in you!

Are you on Pinterest? What do you think of it?

We’ve joined here.

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What’s happening in social media this week:

4 Jan
What's happening in social media?

What's happening in social media?

What will happen in social media in 2012: Now that the New Year is upon us world wide, it is no secret that people are scrambling to find new ideas to incorporate into social media — Online Media Direct

How to not tweet with your customers: We’ve all heard the horror stories of businesses handling complaints and bad feedback on social media poorly — Social Media Today

Social media spurs sales for independent retailers: How small retailers are using the free digital channels to increase their revenue — Freep

Facebook Page best practices: Buddy Media’s Michael Lazerow gave a talk at LeWeb in December looking at Facebook Page best practices —  Buddy Media

Six tips for building a high quality blog following: How to turn visitors into loyal readers and perhaps even customers. Mashable

Some of the most read blog post on our favourite digital blog:  If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the digital world moves quickly. With 2012 already upon us we hardly have time to reflect on the year. L2 Think Tank

More money to be spent on social media for 2012 onwards

28 Dec

As more and more companies learn about the value of social media, beyond just conversation, there will be much more revenue invested and returned from digital activity. This all comes into light from research from the Pivot Conference in October 2011 (shown below).

Social media spend increases

Social media spend increases

Once companies saw the value of social media, they were keen to invest more.

Will you be making social media a priority for 2012?


Dear Blogger…

18 Dec
Dear blogger...
Dear blogger…

“I’m getting more email pitches that start out with “Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger tells people that you don’t care enough about them to read their blog and learn their name.”

This is the opening of an article we have just read that shows what more bloggers are experiencing. A generic outreach from brands and agencies to bloggers, who can’t even be bothered to put in their name.

Would you do that to a journalist on The Times? No? Well a blogger is just as important. Want to know why? Because if you want anyone to write about you, then you have to target that person personally and NEVER generically.

Bloggers are much more than just their blog. They operate through several channels and you can never just assume that because you’re wanting them to mention your brand on the blog, that this is the only way you can talk to them. Bloggers are brands in themselves, they understand marketing on a new level and this is why you have to get it right, you cannot risk generic pitches.

Bloggers, have you ever been approached like this? What do you have to say to brands/agencies who approach you like this?

Original article from here.

Breaking news: Facebook Time is now available for everyone!

15 Dec

That’s right! Remember everyone getting excited not so long ago, about the big Facebook changes coming along?

Well they’re here now.

Facebook timeline

Facebook timeline

The Timeline is a radical redesign of Facebook‘s user profile pages, introduced at Facebook’s F8 conference in September. Instead of merely listing your interests and personal info, the Timeline shows a detailed overview of your life on Facebook, with the ability to check out what you’ve been out to at a particular point in time.

To enable Timeline, go to this page and click on “Get Timeline.”

It’s going to take a bit of getting used to, and the best bit is that have a seven-day period where you can review anything that comes onto your timeline and if you want to publish it.

We can’t wait for the brand pages to become available. What do you think of the new changes?

What does Twitter’s redesign mean for brands?

14 Dec

You may have noticed that Twitter has redesigned its interface, to introduce new ways of doing things and new ways of interacting.

It’s always a little scary when a social site changes the way it works, but it does just take a bit of time to get used to it.

The update has also seen the addition of enhanced brand pages:

New brand profile pictures on Twitter

New brand profile pictures on Twitter

As part of this release, we are introducing enhanced profile pages that help marketers create an even more compelling destination on Twitter for their brands.

Now, your profile page does more to help you make an impression with a large header image for displaying your logo, tagline, and any other visuals.

You can also control the message visitors see when they first come to your profile page by promoting a Tweet to the top of your page’s timeline. This Tweet helps you highlight your most engaging and important content and better connect with your target audience. The Promoted Tweet on your profile page will appear auto-expanded so that visitors to your page can instantly see the photo or video content that you link to from your Tweet.

This page and the Promoted Tweet are both free of charge and publicly accessible for the whole world to see. Your profile page is your own – your colors, your logo, and your messaging.

Which is perfect for brand’s development and exposure on Twitter! What do you think of the new development?

Finally! Facebook pages get private messages

12 Dec
Facebook brand pages gets private messages

Facebook brand pages gets private messages

It’s a moment a lot of businesses have been waiting for – for Facebook pages to receive private messages.

It’s often been an irk when running campaigns, or handling customer complaints – when you can’t private message your page’s followers from the brand page.

Specifically, people don’t have to have liked the page for them to message you, so it will widen your net significantly in who you can talk to from your brand’s page. However, you can only respond to messages people send you, you can’t proactively message people…yet.

It’s going to be a huge step in keeping everything in the social sphere and more active, instead of having to move away to email. A huge plus.

What do you think? Will you be using this new feature?

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