Social Media Mondays: What’s Going on in the Fashion and Beauty Worlds

20 Jun

Welcome to Social Media Mondays, where we at Teacup will take you through everything that’s happening social media wise in the fashion and beauty industries. Hope you enjoy!

Sequins and social media: Lady Gaga to wear dress featuring faces of followers:

You all know Lady Gaga. Over ten million of her twitter followers also know her too. And their faces are going to be all over a new dress she’s designing.  Read more about this innovative social media move here, which is all to benefit HIV and AIDS-related charities.

New Look and Net-a-Porter focus social media to drive online sales:

Retailing giants, New Look and Net-a-Porter are getting creative when it comes to using social media to gain revenue!

High street chain New Look has launched an online hub called ‘New Look Daily’, which will help the brand to have even more success online (it recently had a huge 700% increase in ‘likes’ on Facebook!). User-generated content is the name of the game, and customers can create outfits and then buy the whole thing.

While Net-a-Porter has launched ‘Net-a-Porter Live’, which allows its customers to see what other shoppers are browsing for, adding to their wish lists and sharing with their friends(all anonymously of course). The onus is that people will buy on the incentive of seeing what other people are buying.

Is this a move by these two to catchup with online shopping Queen ASOS? If it is, perhaps other retailers are also going to step up their game?

The height of fashion:

We all know and love it – ASOS. It’s now doing so well, that by 2015, it will be turning over profits of over a billion pounds! In this interview  with CEO Nick Robertson, we find out his predictions for the future. It’s interesting to know that most of the funds go into marketing with a huge chunk of that being for technology (including Facebook and mobile investments).

It is also a social media pioneer – ASOS was among the first UK fashion retailers to introduce a community and blogging platform. He also hints that their technology needs to focus more on the consumer, with the next evolution in online shopping technology, which could include a function where people input their measurements and ’try on’ clothes. Watch this space, looks like ASOS is still leading the way!

Facebooking beauty: Redken explore fan incentives and rewards:

Redken has been studying the advantages of using social media incentives to help consumers spread the word about their products. The latest venture comes from Redken offering products for every ‘like’ that a consumer helps Redken to achieve. The brand is also offering Facebook users the chance to be taken to Singapore to experience the Audi Fashion Festival, by taking a profile picture of themselves with a Redken product and changing their status.

The article does note that there is still a lack of engagement with their fans and that competitions will offer a spike of engagement, which falls, if brands don’t use their time outside competitions to interact with their followers!


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