DKNYPR Girl’s New Blog: How DKNY Uses Social and Media to its Advantage

29 Jun
DKNYPR Girl's new blog

DKNYPR Girl's new blog

With the news that DKNYPR Girl is moving over to Tumblr, many people are happy that their demands have been met. The personality behind this infamous Twitter profile has meant a huge growth to 346,000 followers, all who wanted to see their Twitter favourite move out of her 140 character boundries. But what does this mean?

Well it’s a great example of how a fashion brand has really used a combination of PR and social media in a very clever way. It’s simple really, give people a brilliant tweeter, who can represent your brand in a personal way and you’re on the money! By meeting her follower’s demand, the brand is showing that it does listen to what its fans have to say and give them an even more in-depth behind-the-scenes access.

What do you think? Are you a fan of DKNYPR Girl and will you be reading her blog?

We at Teacup certainly will!


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