Online Shopping Changed Forever with the 3D virtual changing room

30 Jul

Remember all of those times you’ve shopped online and there’s always the problem of not knowing it your purchase will even fit you? Well that’s all going to change with the launch of the virtual changing room!


What a 3D scan will look like...

A very clever company called Styku has done just that and is working with retailers and fashion designers.

What does it involve?

Well, we’re glad you asked! It’s basically a 3D scanning software, which will scan your body directly using (patent-pending) technology with Xbox-Kinect. Or for those who don’t have that, using the technology in partnering retailers.

Just think you’ll never have clothes that don’t fit ever again!

But it’s also going to be great for fashion designers, who can use the technology to create 3D product samples, which will save lots of waste marterial. So it’s good for the environment too!

You can have a try for yourself here:


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