Blogger Spotlight: Katie’s Beauty Blog

10 Aug

Here at Teacup, we love bloggers. We love their versatility, their talent and the sheer warmth of the blogging community. That’s why we decided to have a regular feature called ‘Blogger’s Spotlight’, to really showcase the talent out there.

The angelic-looking Katie Snooks

The angelic-looking Katie Snooks

Our first post of this series focuses on the ever-s0-incredible Katie Snooks – a beauty blogger with a great flair for photography (she has just graduated from a degree in this after all!). Read on to see how this very pretty beauty blogger gets it so right (and with over 1400 followers on her blog, she’s doing something right).

You’re obviously a very talented blogger, but how did it all start for you?

Thank you!  I started my blog as a hobby during the second year of my photography degree.  I have always been obsessed with makeup and photography – and so a blog seemed an obvious way to bring my two passions together (and a way to chat about makeup without boring my friends)!  I blogged for around seven months before I started getting hits and now, here I am.

What do you do for a day job and does it complement your blogging?

I’ve just graduated from university so now I’m looking for a job in photography.  I work as a customer consultant/make up coach in The Body Shop part time and have done for the past six years, which is probably what made me so crazy about all things beauty.  Working there is a good way to follow makeup trends and to be able promote my blog to customers that I do makeovers on.

One of Katie's many tips on makeup

One of Katie's many tips on makeup

As a photography student, what would be your dream photo job?

I always thought I wanted to be a beauty photographer, but now because of my blog I couldn’t imagine just taking photos of make up – I’d want to play with it all too!  I’d love to work with a magazine as beauty editor/photographer.

Who would you most like to photograph?

Awh that’s a tough one!  I’d love to photograph a really charismatic guy; Ben Whishaw, Johnny Lee Miller, Desmond Harrington (that way I could swoon over them at the same time!).

What blogs inspire you?

A few of my favourite blogs;, .  I love blogs that are honest, that talk about different topics; beauty, fashion, books, music and ones that are easy to look at with their own, clear photographs.

Katie shows off her flair for fashion as well as beauty

Katie shows off her flair for fashion as well as beauty

What makes a good blog post?

Honest, funny and easy to read content and good photographs.  I like reading reviews and people’s personal opinions on products and topics.

What’s been your best/worst experience as a blogger?

Best experience – talking with other girls about makeup, getting to meet other bloggers, being invited to blogging events and the freedom of being able to be speak about products I’ve tried and loved or disliked.

Worst – negativity in the blogging world; although I haven’t been affected by it, it upsets me to see other bloggers having a hard time with ‘anon’ readers being harsh.  And how much time it takes up, haha!

How do you manage juggle your blogging, tweeting and everything in your day to day life?

I tend to do most of my blogging in the evenings or in any spare time I get – it takes around an hour for me to get one post up (planning post, taking photographs, writing, editing) and so its quite time consuming but I also find it relaxing.  I have a blackberry phone which has a twitter app so I can tweet when I’m out and about.  In the last few months of university I found it really difficult to juggle my final project, my dissertation, blogging as well a trying to maintain a social life; my friends do often ask me in disbelief how I fit it all in daily!

Advice for new bloggers?

Enjoy it!  Do it for yourself, talk about things you are passionate about:

Mid last year, between eye shadow swatches and shampoo reviews, I wrote a post on my favourite books because I am a complete bookworm.  I wasn’t sure how my readers would find this as it had nothing to do with beauty, but it’s an interest and love of mine and so I took a gamble and posted it – surprisingly my readers really enjoyed it and I got some amazing feedback on that post.

Be yourself, personalize your blog, let your personality shine through!

If you were to recommend one product to Teacup’s readers, what would it be?

Oh my gosh that’s difficult! Probably either Batiste Dry Shampoo (lifesaving product!) or anything made by Sleek Makeup (affordable and great quality.)

And there you have it folks, everything you need to know about the very talented Katie. Go over and read her blog at


3 Responses to “Blogger Spotlight: Katie’s Beauty Blog”

  1. Rachel August 10, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    I love Katie’s blog so much – so much so I just featured her too!

  2. sarah August 11, 2011 at 12:17 am #

    Thank you for recommending this blog, will definitely check it out! x

  3. bonkasaurus August 11, 2011 at 3:47 am #

    Bloggers can be mean, my first couple of blog posts people would harp on small mistakes I would make, like little technicalities that mean absolutely nothing. Her makeup looks amazing and flawless.

    -Bianca at

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