Tea time with Jen from Little Bird Fashion

10 Oct

Teacup sat down with Jen from Little Bird Fashion, to talk about blogging, fashion and social media. If you haven’t met Jen before, then she’s lovely, honest and has an eye for a good bargain!

The Teacup Agency's spotlight on Jen from Little Bird Fashion

The Teacup Agency's spotlight on Jen from Little Bird Fashion

  1. How long have you been blogging for?

I started A Little Bird Told Me in 2009 but have been blogging in one way or another since 2001

  1. What made you want to start a blog?

I love fashion and had been documenting my outfits for years – first on paper, then in forums. I stumbled across the American blog What I Wore and realise there was a whole community of people actually photographing their daily looks. So I joined in!

  1. How would you describe your blog if it were a person?

Honest, self-depracating, friendly and a total enabler

  1. What would you say your greatest blogging accomplishment is?

Being nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award is pretty exciting!

  1. When did you get into self photography to show your style? Has it helped to improve your visitor growth?

My blog has always been about the daily outfit photo. In the beginning that’s all I did, but over the last year I’ve branched out to include different content and give the blog some variety. But the outfit photos are always the most popular and definitely drive the most visits.

  1. What’s the hardest thing about blogging?

Keeping up with everything. I can completely understand why it’s a full time job for some!

  1. How can bloggers improve their relationships with brands?

I think being aware of brands and what they’re doing shows you have a real interest in them. Also think about how your blog could benefit a brand, and how it fits into their marketing strategy. But don’t be pushy – brands want to work with bloggers, not blaggers. Oh, and be polite!

8.   And how can brands improve their relationships with bloggers?

The brands that do blogger outreach well have developed personal relationships with a small number of bloggers. The blanket email approach doesn’t work – if brands don’t value the blogger, why should the blogger value the brand

9. What is your opinion on London Fashion Week’s change of press accreditation for bloggers? How does this affect the Industry do you think?

I understand the reasons behind their actions but thought it was handled badly. The fashion industry (especially designer fashion) has been slow to embrace the digital age and so giving bloggers the cold shoulder wasn’t a wise move… but hopefully it’s just a learning curve and the issues can be addressed next season.

      10.  What are your top three blogs?

Oh, that’s too hard! Not my top three, but a few of my favourites are The Glamourai (http://www.theglamourai.com/) for total fashion inspiration, The Secret Diary of Katie Khan (http://www.katiekhan.co.uk/) for her hilarious view of the world and Vintage Vixen (http://vintagevixon.blogspot.com/) for her amazing second hand style.

Find out more about Jen and her brilliant blog at http://www.littlebirdfashion.com.

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One Response to “Tea time with Jen from Little Bird Fashion”

  1. Adele October 12, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    Glad someone has mentioned the London Fashion Week registration problem. For some of us it felt like such an unnecessary dressing down! I agree with Jen, just a learning curve x

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