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Blogger collaborations – all the rage

24 Nov

It seems more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon of blogger collaborations. There have been quite a few that have impressed us recently.

While it is very much ‘du jour’ at the moment, here at Teacup – we really hope that brands learn to think outside of the box a little and don’t follow in the steps of every other brand.

Saying that, here are some of our favourites:

Emily Johnson’s bag project with Coach:

Emily from Fashion Foie Gras with her Coach bag

Emily from Fashion Foie Gras with her Coach bag

Emily worked with luxury brand coach to produce a gorgeous bag, which had everything from a removable iPad2 case, to a shoe compartment and more. The brand also held an amazing launch party for this, this week – which saw some of the top names in fashion attend.

FarFetch‘s shoe design project, SixBy6 Bloggers:

The shoes designed by the Cherry-Blossom-Girl

The shoes designed by the Cherry-Blossom-Girl

Created by SIXLondon, the brand really went all out in choosing the bloggers they wanted to work with: Susie BubbleStyle Salvage,FacehunterCaroline’s ModeThe Man Repeller and The Cherry Blossom Girl.

Our favourites were the shoes by The Cherry Blossom Girl – so chic.

What do you think about blogger collaborations? Are they too hyped up now?


A brand’s guide to working with bloggers:

19 Oct

Here at Teacup, we wish for bloggers and brands to forge relationships that are strategic, honest and effective.

Brands working with blogs

Brands working with blogs

There are so many brands and agencies out there who know they should be working with bloggers. After all, there are  many whisperings on how successful this can be for competitors, and how they too should be doing it. So they put a lot of pressure on the agency/ PR to start reaching out.

The problem? A lot of brands and agencies still don’t know how to work with bloggers. Here are some tips:

1) Don’t send out a mass email. No one is going to thank you for it. It’s impersonal and if not relevant, then it shows you’re not reading the blogs you’re trying to target.
2) When emailing, don’t get the name of the blogger wrong, or write ‘Dear Fashion Blogger’. How is anybody going to respond positively to that?
3) When working with a blogger on a sponsored post, don’t try and remove the ‘sponsored post’ from the blog. It has to be there legally. It’s the same as with magazines, the reader has to know when it’s an advertorial!
4) Don’t assume all bloggers will write for free. You’re getting that blogger’s time, readers (that they have personally built up) and reputation, aswell as content. That is worth paying for. If it’s not, then why are you talking to the blogger in the first place?
5) Remember bloggers are also marketeers, with rates for advertising. Write to them and see if you can work work with them on a commercial level.

6) Don’t send irrelevant content to a blogger. Why would a fashion blogger want to write about duck liver pate? Make sure you know you’re sending the right information, otherwise you will look unprofessional! And the chances are the blogger will tell their wide community of other bloggers.

7) Build a relationship with the blogger and make it personal (but professional!). You’re guaranteed to have more luck working with the blogger community, if you’re a part of it. Get involved in conversations, become part of their world. Then you might have a chance of understanding it.

Do you have any other tips you can add to this? Let us know in the comment box.

If you need help with your blogger outreach, we have a huge blogger database across fashion and beauty and as bloggers ourselves, we get it, so get in touch at

Are bloggers losing their credibility?

11 Sep
Fashion writer Susanna Lau, author of the Stylebubble blog. Photograph: Karen Robinson

Fashion writer Susanna Lau, author of the Stylebubble blog. Photograph: Karen Robinson

According to a new post in The Guardian, the blogging market is becoming saturated, which means it’s being considered to be less special.

It suggests bloggers need a gimmick, something to set them apart:

“One thing is clear: as Gypsy Rose Lee would say, you gotta getta gimmick. You can’t just be a plain old fashion blogger who posts pictures from the runways. Now, it’s about choosing a theme. There was Penny Chic, which styles outfits with clothes from Walmart; there was the Ghetto Fashionista, which ‘keeps a pulse on the runway and the hood’, and the Idiosyncratic Fashionista, for ‘women of a certain age’,” said  Daily Beast journalist Isabel Wilkinson.

It hints that there’s no sustainable business model as of yet for being a full-time blogger, but maybe this needs to be addressed by those who are pro bloggers?

Surely though as more and more bloggers wish to turn pro, there will be a path which other bloggers can follow, without having to sell out.

Read the full article here.

What do you think? Let us know!

Blogger’s Spotlight: Teacup Meets Kate from The Style Bite

20 Aug
Kate from The Style Bite blog

Kate from The Style Bite blog

Welcome to the second episode in our ‘Blogger’s Spotlight’ feature. This time we talk to the lovely Kate Winthrop from the brilliant blog The Style Bite. It has everything you need to know about affordable fashion, as well as some brilliant anecdotes from Kate herself. So grab a cuppa and get reading:

We are loving your blog – how long have you been blogging for? 

On August 31st I’ll have been blogging for a year. I got into it on a whim and, if I’m honest, didn’t think I’d stick at it – but a year later, here I am, still loving it!

How would you describe your blog in three words?

Fashion, fun, flirting…

What’s your best blogging highlight? 

There have been so many! I think one is obviously coming second to Susie Bubble at’s Fashion Awards last month. I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked to be shortlisted so to come second was just fabulous.

The second (sorry, I know you said ‘highlight’, but I couldn’t pick just one!), is my daily viewing rates, since the redesign of the site, I get 100 hits a day – which compared to a lot of blogs isn’t a lot, but to me, it’s amazing – it’s what continues to motivate me, to know that people come back to read my chit-chat about nothing. I honestly can’t tell you how much I appreciate people reading my blog!

And worst?

I moved earlier in the month and have yet to set-up broadband, meaning no internet. I find blogging really therapeutic – a real release from the stress of the day, and not being able to do what I love, when I want is killing me!

Have you been to any blogger meetups yet? What were your thoughts?

I haven’t yet but I’m dying to go to one! I think one of the best things about blogging is the friends you make. I know that sounds really cheesy, but it’s true – and no one tells you about this! When you become a blogger you become part of this huge online community which is so nice.

What’s your favourite thing to blog about? 

My favourite posts? Hmm, this is a tough question. I love to create moodboards (from a creative point-of-view) and on the writing side, I really love to do the odd dating post.

What are your other interests outside of fashion?

I’m a real animal lover – so I love to take my dog for a long walk. Since moving, I’ve started to become quite passionate about interior design and (though this normally takes a bit of a push to get there.) I do like doing classes at the gym.

What do you do for a day job?

By day, I’m a PR & Marketing executive for a creative brand communications agency, I’ve learnt so much here about the importance of building a brand, engaging with your market and much, much more. It’s been such a great environment to help grow The Style BITE in the way that I wanted.

Which are your favourite bloggers and why?

Oh my, there are SO many – so I’m going to pick some off the top of my head. Sara Luxe always has amazing outfit posts and is just generally lovely (, Freya Hill writes amazingly over at (, I always find myself heading to Laura Whalebone’s blog love her style and her writing is so friendly, (, The Style Box ( written by Emma, I always feel like I’m sitting down for lunch and having a nice chat with her when I read her blog. Oh and I couldn’t not mention Gurd Loyal who writes Style Cupid – don’t you love that for a blog name? Amazing street-style snaps and hilarious writing – seriously OH and his Twitter feed keeps me giggling all day! Sorry if I missed anyone, I have a huge list on my laptop at home with all my favourite blogs on – but there’s a few for you to be getting on with ha ha 😉

 What makes you tick? What gets you excited enough to post about? 

What I really get excited about posting is when I find a new affordable brand! To me, that’s like finding a gold mine of clothes, and blogging about it is that moment where you say to your girlfriends or sisters ‘LOOK what I just found, let’s go shopping!’.

There you have it. Have you read Kate’s blog? Go and visit it here.