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What’s happening in social media this week:

4 Jan
What's happening in social media?

What's happening in social media?

What will happen in social media in 2012: Now that the New Year is upon us world wide, it is no secret that people are scrambling to find new ideas to incorporate into social media — Online Media Direct

How to not tweet with your customers: We’ve all heard the horror stories of businesses handling complaints and bad feedback on social media poorly — Social Media Today

Social media spurs sales for independent retailers: How small retailers are using the free digital channels to increase their revenue — Freep

Facebook Page best practices: Buddy Media’s Michael Lazerow gave a talk at LeWeb in December looking at Facebook Page best practices —  Buddy Media

Six tips for building a high quality blog following: How to turn visitors into loyal readers and perhaps even customers. Mashable

Some of the most read blog post on our favourite digital blog:  If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the digital world moves quickly. With 2012 already upon us we hardly have time to reflect on the year. L2 Think Tank


Blogger collaborations – all the rage

24 Nov

It seems more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon of blogger collaborations. There have been quite a few that have impressed us recently.

While it is very much ‘du jour’ at the moment, here at Teacup – we really hope that brands learn to think outside of the box a little and don’t follow in the steps of every other brand.

Saying that, here are some of our favourites:

Emily Johnson’s bag project with Coach:

Emily from Fashion Foie Gras with her Coach bag

Emily from Fashion Foie Gras with her Coach bag

Emily worked with luxury brand coach to produce a gorgeous bag, which had everything from a removable iPad2 case, to a shoe compartment and more. The brand also held an amazing launch party for this, this week – which saw some of the top names in fashion attend.

FarFetch‘s shoe design project, SixBy6 Bloggers:

The shoes designed by the Cherry-Blossom-Girl

The shoes designed by the Cherry-Blossom-Girl

Created by SIXLondon, the brand really went all out in choosing the bloggers they wanted to work with: Susie BubbleStyle Salvage,FacehunterCaroline’s ModeThe Man Repeller and The Cherry Blossom Girl.

Our favourites were the shoes by The Cherry Blossom Girl – so chic.

What do you think about blogger collaborations? Are they too hyped up now?

New legal guidelines on working with brands

14 Nov

It’s often a muddy area on just how brands can work with bloggers, or people using social media channels in a transparent way. So many people break the law without even realising it! This is where these guidelines will help you. They’ve been put together by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) Secretariat.

There are six scenarios to help you out, which you can relate to and then put into practise with your social media activity.

These are:

1. Video Placement
2. Blogs
3. Video Blogs
4. Twitter
5. Forums
6. Facebook

The document aims to help brand owners and marketing practitioners comply with consumer protection law.

You can download a  PDF version of the guidelines and  the Q&A from the IAB’s site and they’re shown in full below

You need a ‘Klout’ score of 40 or over to come to this event…

15 Sep

In a new move, The recent Fashion’s Night Out party at Bal Harbour Shops in Florida didn’t let people in if they didn’t have a Klout score of 40 or more.

Guests Needed Klout Score Of Over 40 To Get Into Fashion's Night Out Party

Klout is an online tool that measures your online influence out of 100. So if you were a 39? You were shown the door.

Not very sure this was a great move, as Klout can be manipulated and excludes very talented bloggers who may have been just under this.

What do you think?

Telegraph Fashion to relaunch as social shopping hub

27 Aug
The Telegraph Social Shopping Platform

The Telegraph Social Shopping Platform

The Telegraph is known for its expertise in the fashion world and to play on this, the popular website is going to launch its own social shopping hub.

Along with its fashion and retail experts recommending fashion items and news, the focus will very much play on user-generated content. This all comes at a time when sites such as Polyvore, and more are doing so well.

Ecommerce and content will go hand in hand on the website, with readers of The Telegraph home site being shown to be three times as likely to buy from the site.

Users directed to Telegraph Fashion content from Facebook were also identified as greater consumers of content.

The Guardian is also onto the same idea, launching a similar platform in autumn.

What do you think? Would you buy from these newspapers?