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The Fashion Week Infographic

9 Oct

Those clever people at 1000 Heads created a nifty little Infographic for fashion week and who was tweeting about what the most. It shows Burberry as the most talked about label- but who’s surprised? They had a sensational social media campaign:


London Fashion Week goes digital!

13 Sep

Everyone wants to be at London Fashion Week. Well, at least most people do.

Launched in February 2010, the LFW’s Digital Schedule is here once again and makes this global event accessible to everyone. It brings together live streamed fashion shows and a selection of digitally presented fashion films created by some of London’s most innovative designers.

Excitingly, this season there’s going to be a digital film part of the agenda, which we at Teacup love the idea of.  Highlights include a day of films by NEWGEN alumni, an afternoon showcasing Estethica brands and an evening with Test Mag.
Films will be screened on a loop between live streams.

What do you think of the digital streaming of the show?