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So which are the most popular Fashion brand Facebook pages?

12 Oct

There are many brands on Facebook trying to leverage this platform in order to turn followers into buyers. But who is doing it well? Created by Fashion United, the following chart shows which fashion brands are most popular, which normally means regular engagement, interaction and posting:

The most popular Fashion brand Facebook pages

The most popular Fashion brand Facebook pages

Do you follow any of these brands on Facebook? Who else do you think is doing well?


The Fashion Week Infographic

9 Oct

Those clever people at 1000 Heads created a nifty little Infographic for fashion week and who was tweeting about what the most. It shows Burberry as the most talked about label- but who’s surprised? They had a sensational social media campaign:

What do you think of bloggers having agents?

29 Sep


BryanBoy by Moises Quesada

BryanBoy by Moises Quesada

As brands make more and more demands from bloggers, there are some who have no idea how to handle the touchy subject of money. If a brand can get something for free, they will normally try to.

There’s still not a lot of understanding from brands, that bloggers are more than people who want freebies. Bloggers work hard for their content, sometimes posting up to three times a day, taking photographs and sourcing their own stories. Bloggers are writers, community builders and marketers and brands need to treat them as such.

The next stage in this development is that some bloggers are hiring agents to deal with the brands on the commercial side of things, so they are left to handle the creative.

Lindsay Calla, the 27-year-old behind the fashion blog Saucy Glossie works with Digital Brand Architects, a new agency in New York that represents fashion and lifestyle bloggers, brokering endorsement deals with fashion labels, signing up advertisers and, in some cases, booking lucrative television commercials. Tve ever popular Bryanboy signed with Creative Artists Agency, a Hollywood firm better known for representing A-list actors!

But what do you think? Would you as a blogger, sign with an agency? Or do you think the whole thing is pompous?

Full article can be read on the New York Times. 

London Fashion Week goes digital!

13 Sep

Everyone wants to be at London Fashion Week. Well, at least most people do.

Launched in February 2010, the LFW’s Digital Schedule is here once again and makes this global event accessible to everyone. It brings together live streamed fashion shows and a selection of digitally presented fashion films created by some of London’s most innovative designers.

Excitingly, this season there’s going to be a digital film part of the agenda, which we at Teacup love the idea of.  Highlights include a day of films by NEWGEN alumni, an afternoon showcasing Estethica brands and an evening with Test Mag.
Films will be screened on a loop between live streams.

What do you think of the digital streaming of the show?

How Magazines Are Getting Clever With Social Media:

31 Aug

As magazine readers spend more time online, publications are thinking about how they can use social media work for their advertisers.

Marie Claire has recently pulled a very clever move which means it is using social media as a way to make the publication stronger.

“Timed to coincide with the key fashion season, the Hearst Magazines title is introducing a contest on its Facebook page where readers can vote to win beauty and fashion products that have been chosen by the magazine’s editors. The “Gotta Have It!” contest will feature a different Marie Claire advertiser, like Michael Kors, YSL, and DKNY, each day for 30 days. To participate, readers have to “like” the product as well as the magazine, and the more people vote and like the products, the more publicity they’ll generate for Marie Claire’s advertisers.”

Condé Nast has also introduced a Web tool called Condé Nast Social Sidekick, which streamlines content from six fashion and beauty titles, letting their advertisers get involved with the most popular and shared content. Gucci is the first brand to step up and sponsor the unit.

Who says social media will be the death of magazines?

The Tale of John Lewis and the Virtual Mirror

15 Aug
Is John Lewis' mirror like Disney's magic mirror?

Is John Lewis' mirror like Disney's magic mirror?

Who needs a normal mirror any more, when John Lewis is set to be installing virtual mirrors into its stores! It won’t be like the magic mirror from Snow White, but it is nearly as exciting.

Shoppers will be able to try on clothes through the mirror, by having the clothes super imposed onto their reflections! You’ll also be able to use social media as part of the experience, using these channels to get opinions from family and friends. Although there are apparently still some privacy issues being sorted out.

Even more exciting is that other retailers such as New Look are also in talks about the virtual mirror.

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of the virtual mirror?

Fashion editor uses social media to bring McQueen exhibition to London

13 Aug
Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Everyone’s heard of Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in NYC and let’s face it most of us have wanted to go. The problem? We don’t all have the ability or time to just fly over to the Big Apple.

The exhibition has now closed and so one notoriously famous fashion editor – Melanie Rickey of Grazia has started a petition to get Savage Beauty over here in the UK.

Rickey is of the opinion that the Victoria and Albert museum should host it, which we at Teacup think is a perfect idea. The fact that Lee McQueen was British, studied at St Martin’s and lived in London are all reasons Rickey thinks the exhibition should come over here.

Do you agree? Then Tweet #bringMcQueenexhibitonhome to join the petition.

Merging Physical and Digital in Fashion:

16 Jul

The digital world is really changing the fashion world, we all know that right?

Well the Creative Director of of Mugler, Nicola Formichetti wrote on the Huffington Post just how much it affects his career in fashion.

From having instant feed back from his fans and how he responds to that:

“The dark side of social media is that, within seconds, anything can be blown out of proportion and taken out of context. And it’s very difficult not to get swept up in it all.”

To working with Lady Gaga on her fashion collaborations:

“While we’re at opposite ends of the world, Gaga and I are able to share references and inspirations through digital media. But strangely enough, nothing really comes together until we assemble it all in the physical world — either by producing a prototype or just by printing out an image and really talking about it.”

But most importantly, he really stresses how digital is really changing his career and how he thinks and works in response. There’s much to be done in  fashion with social media and digital, but the best thing that it allows is for a previously exclusive world to become accessible to everyone.

There’s power in that.

Vogue puts together the Influencer Network of powerful women in social media

14 Jul

The idea is that brands can use the influence of these women who have a strong reputation on Facebook, and fashion site Polyvore.

Vogue has ever been the biggest influence in the fashion sphere and has cleverly used this to also hold sway in the social media sphere.

These people then test new products, give brands their honest opinions based on their social media expertise and knowledge.

“There are a lot of people who are self-appointed experts,” says Susan Plagemann, vp, publisher of Vogue. “The biggest difference is, we’re developing a program of ambassadors who spread the word digitally across a very big network about the access that’s been given because of Vogue.”

So who are these influencers?

Well a lot of them are young bloggers who have become self-confessed experts on the fast-moving world of fashion and blog at their disgression about this.

Some of these include:

Bonnielee Cuevas  she founded a lifestyle website, Pink Couture Life, empowering people, she writes, to “live happy, stylish, and in the pink.”

Christa Marzan is a 24-year-old blogger. She describes herself as “just a girl who likes fashion.” She counts some 1,678 Twitter followers.

So there’s probably nothing stopping a lot of bloggers on Twitter out there to apply for this themselves and let’s face it – its a great thing to put on a CV!

Will it work?

E consultancy seriously questions the idea of using people such as bloggers, some with only a reach of 400 or so on Twitter to advise multi-billion pound companies. Are these people really that influential and should brands buy into a network that really might not be as qualified as they want?

What do you think of the Influencer Network? Would you want to be a part of it?

Let us know!

DKNYPR Girl’s New Blog: How DKNY Uses Social and Media to its Advantage

29 Jun
DKNYPR Girl's new blog

DKNYPR Girl's new blog

With the news that DKNYPR Girl is moving over to Tumblr, many people are happy that their demands have been met. The personality behind this infamous Twitter profile has meant a huge growth to 346,000 followers, all who wanted to see their Twitter favourite move out of her 140 character boundries. But what does this mean?

Well it’s a great example of how a fashion brand has really used a combination of PR and social media in a very clever way. It’s simple really, give people a brilliant tweeter, who can represent your brand in a personal way and you’re on the money! By meeting her follower’s demand, the brand is showing that it does listen to what its fans have to say and give them an even more in-depth behind-the-scenes access.

What do you think? Are you a fan of DKNYPR Girl and will you be reading her blog?

We at Teacup certainly will!