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Social Media Mondays: Fashion and Beauty Digital Happenings

27 Jun

Top 10 social media luxury marketers

Bulgari's social media campaign

Luxury brands are now jumping on board all things social media. It’s important to see at this point who’s doing well and what lessons there are to be learnt. Top mentions go to Bergdorf Goodman, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana. Creative campaigns, consumer interaction and Facebook commerce are all highly commendable acts!

Beauty Companies Embracing Social Media in the US

Just showing what everyone’s starting to realise – that consumers really do believe their family and friend’s recommendations over standard advertising. Examples given are the success of Old Spice’s “Smell Like A Man, Man” campaign and how the agency behind it created about 200 personalised YouTube video responses starring Mustafa to questions posed by both celebrities and consumers. Estée Lauder’s successful Facebook profile picture makeover with “Your Face Your Style Your Profile” makeover/digital photo programme.  All highlighting that social media can work creatively and effectively in tandem with advertising, marketing and PR channels.

What if social media was a high school?

Social media class of 2011!

Social media class of 2011!

A quirky little piece about what each social media channel would be if it were a typical American high school character. I.e. Twitter would be President of the Gossip Girl club, Google would be in the International Millionaires Club!

Move over, Mumsnet! Meet the new breed of cyber mothers

As mummy bloggers came together to the CyberMummy conference in central London, it’s now being stated that Mumsnets for conversations, blogging is for creating a business! But it isn’t stating anything that isn’t already known, that mummy (and others) bloggers can monetise their blogs and make money from the opportunities it offers.

Infographic reveals the best times to post to Twitter and Facebook

The Science of Social Timing

The Science of Social Timing

There’s many things to consider for bloggers and brands when tweeting. Not least of these is timing. How can you be sure you’ll get the best response, depending on the time? How do you account for different time zones? KISSmetrics also thought about this and went about answering it with a new infographic called ‘The Science of Social Timing.’

Here are a few key takeaways from the Science of Social Timing infographic:

  • The best time to tweet is 5PM ET
  • 1 to 4 tweets per hour is ideal
  • The best days to tweet are midweek and on the weekends
  • The best day to share on Facebook is Saturday
  • The best time to share on Facebook is Noon ET