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All About Augmented Reality, Fashion and Beauty

17 Jan

You have heard another buzz term being put out there recently – ‘augmented reality’. While this may sound like something from The Matrix,  it’s actually a new breed of app technology that’s taking the world by storm.

So what exactly is it?

Augmented reality is one of the newest innovations in the electronics industry. It superimposes graphics, audio and other sense enhancements from computer screens onto real time environments.

Just like with the 3D technology and the glasses-free 3D technology, this is actually an old concept that didn’t develop further because there weren’t gadgets or devices to propel a mass adoption.

With the latest generation of augmented reality apps, there’s a lot of fun to be had on your phone. Here are some of our favourites:

eBay's app

eBay's app

  1. eBay’s app allows you to try sunglasses on virtually! You can choose different styles, fit the glasses to your face using a pinch and zoom measurement and then purchase the perfect pair, right from the palm of your hand!
  2. Google Goggles [iPhone, Android. Free.] This augmented reality app from the search colossus uses your phone’s camera to provide text and image translations plus information on landmarks and works of art. One major caveat: you need a data connection to use it, so know your roaming fees.
  3. Cyclopedia: adds Wikipedia information to your reality. When you move your iPhone around, the app will automatically dig up information and display it on your screen.

5. Star Chart: gives you your very own virtual star chart on your iPhone. Just point your iPhone to the sky and this app will tell you what you are looking at.
How’s fashion and beauty embracing it?

Burberry's AR show

Burberry's AR show

AR might be a catchy thing to do with mobile, but it also goes beyond this. Retailers are using it. In April last year, Burberry celebrated its Beijing store opening with an AR catwalk show in which holographic Burberry-clad models appeared to walk among the live models.


Hugo Boss had a ‘media wall’ which allowed customers to ‘dress’ models onscreen, who responded to their movements – walking, looking and moving with them.

As with fashion and beauty, there’s an element of fantasy here and that’s why it works:

Shiseido's Magic Mirror

Shiseido's Magic Mirror

Shiseido’s Magic Mirror, now touring British department stores, is an AR-facilitated make-up simulator that allows shoppers to test products without being smeared with unsuitable makeup.

So you see, it’s as limited as your imagination allows it be!

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You need a ‘Klout’ score of 40 or over to come to this event…

15 Sep

In a new move, The recent Fashion’s Night Out party at Bal Harbour Shops in Florida didn’t let people in if they didn’t have a Klout score of 40 or more.

Guests Needed Klout Score Of Over 40 To Get Into Fashion's Night Out Party

Klout is an online tool that measures your online influence out of 100. So if you were a 39? You were shown the door.

Not very sure this was a great move, as Klout can be manipulated and excludes very talented bloggers who may have been just under this.

What do you think?

London Fashion Week goes digital!

13 Sep

Everyone wants to be at London Fashion Week. Well, at least most people do.

Launched in February 2010, the LFW’s Digital Schedule is here once again and makes this global event accessible to everyone. It brings together live streamed fashion shows and a selection of digitally presented fashion films created by some of London’s most innovative designers.

Excitingly, this season there’s going to be a digital film part of the agenda, which we at Teacup love the idea of.  Highlights include a day of films by NEWGEN alumni, an afternoon showcasing Estethica brands and an evening with Test Mag.
Films will be screened on a loop between live streams.

What do you think of the digital streaming of the show?

High-tech Meets High-Art: The Olsen Twins Get QR Coded

18 Aug
High tech: Marykate and Ashley Olsen

High tech: Marykate and Ashley Olsen

Ever thought you’d see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in a picture with a QR (quick response) code?

Neither did we! These high tech QR Code fashion artworks by Fail Whale creator Yiying Lu have been commissioned by American magazine Meets Obsession.

If you’re not familiar with QR codes, they’re used by companies and individuals for you to scan with a smart phone, which then automatically takes you through to their website.

The very talented Yiing Lu has created plenty more too. Including Anna Wintour! Have a look for yourself below:

The Tale of John Lewis and the Virtual Mirror

15 Aug
Is John Lewis' mirror like Disney's magic mirror?

Is John Lewis' mirror like Disney's magic mirror?

Who needs a normal mirror any more, when John Lewis is set to be installing virtual mirrors into its stores! It won’t be like the magic mirror from Snow White, but it is nearly as exciting.

Shoppers will be able to try on clothes through the mirror, by having the clothes super imposed onto their reflections! You’ll also be able to use social media as part of the experience, using these channels to get opinions from family and friends. Although there are apparently still some privacy issues being sorted out.

Even more exciting is that other retailers such as New Look are also in talks about the virtual mirror.

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of the virtual mirror?

Online Shopping Changed Forever with the 3D virtual changing room

30 Jul

Remember all of those times you’ve shopped online and there’s always the problem of not knowing it your purchase will even fit you? Well that’s all going to change with the launch of the virtual changing room!


What a 3D scan will look like...

A very clever company called Styku has done just that and is working with retailers and fashion designers.

What does it involve?

Well, we’re glad you asked! It’s basically a 3D scanning software, which will scan your body directly using (patent-pending) technology with Xbox-Kinect. Or for those who don’t have that, using the technology in partnering retailers.

Just think you’ll never have clothes that don’t fit ever again!

But it’s also going to be great for fashion designers, who can use the technology to create 3D product samples, which will save lots of waste marterial. So it’s good for the environment too!

You can have a try for yourself here: