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More money to be spent on social media for 2012 onwards

28 Dec

As more and more companies learn about the value of social media, beyond just conversation, there will be much more revenue invested and returned from digital activity. This all comes into light from research from the Pivot Conference in October 2011 (shown below).

Social media spend increases

Social media spend increases

Once companies saw the value of social media, they were keen to invest more.

Will you be making social media a priority for 2012?



Facebook: UK v USA stats

4 Nov

We came across this fabulous inforgraphic today, which compares Facebook users from the USA and UK. Created by BLiNQ Media and, it reveals some rather interesting figures:. Burberry came up top for UK brands, representing fashion quite nicely.

Facebook US and UK statistics

Facebook US and UK statistics

Tea time with Jen from Little Bird Fashion

10 Oct

Teacup sat down with Jen from Little Bird Fashion, to talk about blogging, fashion and social media. If you haven’t met Jen before, then she’s lovely, honest and has an eye for a good bargain!

The Teacup Agency's spotlight on Jen from Little Bird Fashion

The Teacup Agency's spotlight on Jen from Little Bird Fashion

  1. How long have you been blogging for?

I started A Little Bird Told Me in 2009 but have been blogging in one way or another since 2001

  1. What made you want to start a blog?

I love fashion and had been documenting my outfits for years – first on paper, then in forums. I stumbled across the American blog What I Wore and realise there was a whole community of people actually photographing their daily looks. So I joined in!

  1. How would you describe your blog if it were a person?

Honest, self-depracating, friendly and a total enabler

  1. What would you say your greatest blogging accomplishment is?

Being nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award is pretty exciting!

  1. When did you get into self photography to show your style? Has it helped to improve your visitor growth?

My blog has always been about the daily outfit photo. In the beginning that’s all I did, but over the last year I’ve branched out to include different content and give the blog some variety. But the outfit photos are always the most popular and definitely drive the most visits.

  1. What’s the hardest thing about blogging?

Keeping up with everything. I can completely understand why it’s a full time job for some!

  1. How can bloggers improve their relationships with brands?

I think being aware of brands and what they’re doing shows you have a real interest in them. Also think about how your blog could benefit a brand, and how it fits into their marketing strategy. But don’t be pushy – brands want to work with bloggers, not blaggers. Oh, and be polite!

8.   And how can brands improve their relationships with bloggers?

The brands that do blogger outreach well have developed personal relationships with a small number of bloggers. The blanket email approach doesn’t work – if brands don’t value the blogger, why should the blogger value the brand

9. What is your opinion on London Fashion Week’s change of press accreditation for bloggers? How does this affect the Industry do you think?

I understand the reasons behind their actions but thought it was handled badly. The fashion industry (especially designer fashion) has been slow to embrace the digital age and so giving bloggers the cold shoulder wasn’t a wise move… but hopefully it’s just a learning curve and the issues can be addressed next season.

      10.  What are your top three blogs?

Oh, that’s too hard! Not my top three, but a few of my favourites are The Glamourai ( for total fashion inspiration, The Secret Diary of Katie Khan ( for her hilarious view of the world and Vintage Vixen ( for her amazing second hand style.

Find out more about Jen and her brilliant blog at

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Facebook To Launch Read, Listened, Watched, And Want Buttons

20 Sep

We’ve known its going to be announcing something big pretty soon, and we’ve learned now that it’s going to launch ‘Read, Listened, Watched, And Want’ buttons!

What does this mean?

Well according to Tech Crunch, this news comes from a source and not from Facebook itself. Users on Facebook will be able to click Read, Listened, Watched on content in their news feed. And soon, “Want” as well.

This is going to be whole host of new data for Facebook to use, but we’re not sure quite yet how they will use it.  Here at Teacup, we’re thinking they’re most likely to use the data for advertising, because it obviously lets Facebook know a lot more about its users, but only time will tell.

One thing’s for sure, it’s going to a very attractive prospect for retailers – so designers and e-commerce shops look out here for more details!

Fashion editor uses social media to bring McQueen exhibition to London

13 Aug
Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Everyone’s heard of Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in NYC and let’s face it most of us have wanted to go. The problem? We don’t all have the ability or time to just fly over to the Big Apple.

The exhibition has now closed and so one notoriously famous fashion editor – Melanie Rickey of Grazia has started a petition to get Savage Beauty over here in the UK.

Rickey is of the opinion that the Victoria and Albert museum should host it, which we at Teacup think is a perfect idea. The fact that Lee McQueen was British, studied at St Martin’s and lived in London are all reasons Rickey thinks the exhibition should come over here.

Do you agree? Then Tweet #bringMcQueenexhibitonhome to join the petition.

Treat Social Media Like Real Life: Don’t Ignore Your Customers

9 Aug

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates”

Mr Gates certainly had a point here and it’s something a lot of brands are still ignoring. Despite many brands embracing social media and having presences on everything from Facebook, to Twitter and more, some people still don’t know how to use it properly.

It has come to our attention that several brands are using Facebook and are engaging with their fans, but are doing something crucially wrong. What’s that you ask?

They’re deleting Facebook comments, or even worse – banning users from their Facebook pages.

Never before have brands had the opportunity to be so close to their customers, so the worst thing about this is that you might have deleted that user, but that person uses social media and chances are they’re on Twitter too. So everybody is going to know that you’ve deleted them, which isn’t going to give the best impression.

A Small World

People talk out there…and they will be talking about you, your brand and exactly what they think about it. Some of these people are bloggers, who are influential and someone who your customers trust more than brands. This is worth bearing in mind.

The best thing to do is to use these negative comments and learn from them. These comments are sometimes a lot more honest than you’ll receive in general, because these users are not afraid to speak their mind and that trust is worth its weight in gold. Talk to your customers – they want to be heard.

A two-way relationship

Only listening to and responding to positive comments won’t allow your brand to grow online – there’s no scope for that. So take those negative comments and really use them to turn unhappy customers into happy customers.

By engaging with users in a way that allows for them to feel listened to, you’re going to do better in sales, have more of a welcome on social media and more than anything – create a positive online brand awareness.

Happy tweeting

Some of Teacup’s friends also told us that they experience a lot of brands who also don’t know how to fully use Twitter. This is a shame, as this is a very powerful medium and brands have the world at their feet through this microblogging site.

Brand’s main sins were only retweeting content that was about themselves, or not engaging with users on Twitter. That’s the normal sin on Twitter – only talking about you. Who wants to be in a one-way conversation? You would hate it at a dinner party, so why do brands think this is okay on Twitter?

Take an interest in your followers, create conversation (but don’t interrupt user’s conversation – it’s not very respectful to just butt in!), and make sure you know who your brand’s influencers are and what they’re talking about. Don’t ignore them either, otherwise they will start shouting!

Make sure you talk about things that aren’t all business related – it’s all about humanising brands. People want to know you’re not a robot.

Basically, it’s simple. Brands should act like real people in real, everyday situations:

  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t ignore people
  • Don’t just delete people
  • Do talk about more than just sales
  • Do engage with people
  • Do talk about more than yourself
  • Do ask questions

Do you think we’ve missed anything? Do let us know – we’d love to hear your views!

Social media news roundup

2 Aug

Grab yourselves a cuppa (tea – naturally..) it’s time for the Teacup social media roundup!

Stylist Magazine Analyses the Rise and Rise of Twitter Following Amy Winehouse Death

Following the news of the superstar’s death and how Twitter broke the news, the magazine looks at how Twitter aggregates news content. Today, there’s no arguing with Twitter’s status as a vital news resource. More than 200 million tweets are sent every day, and Twitter is currently seeing more than 40% growth in mobile usage every quarter.

Fashion Blogger To Start Own Social Network

Fashion blogger Poppy Dinsey

Fashion blogger Poppy Dinsey

After starting a blog where she posts a picture of herself each day in a different outfit, Poppy Dinsey has attracted up to 90,000 visits a month. Because of this, the ambitious blogger is going to start her own social network.

Gap Catches Onto Social Media

The retailer is set to spend 40% more on social and digital this Autumn, using Facebook as it’s main player to communicate with customers. Perhaps this will see it reach its aim of attracting more 28 – 29 year olds.

ASOS Launches iPad Edition of Magazine

 The app will contain content originally produced for the online version of the ASOS magazine as well as exclusive footage and features such as video and 360-degree views of clothing items.

Facebook Makes it Easier to Announce Pregnancy

If the thought of simply updating your status with the good news seemed like hard work(!), now, Facebook lets people announce that they are expecting through a status update that includes anticipated date of birth and name(s).