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The Fashion Blogs Beating Vogue At Online Influence!

18 Jul
Tavi - one of the most influential fashion bloggers

Tavi - one of the most influential fashion bloggers

Everyone knew it – fashion blogs lead the way when it comes to setting the trend in the fashion industry. But now they’re beating the fashion bible itself – Vogue.

Well that’s at least according to the Business Insider, which reports that while Vogue might have won a Webby –  fashion blogs lead the way with online influence and social media!

“While magazines aren’t exactly the ostriches they once were when it comes to building an online presence, the fact that Tavi, a single teen blogger from the Chicago suburbs, is influencing nearly as many people as the entire online staff of Teen Vogue can’t be ignored though,” says the article.

It’s also interesting that most of the blogs that are ranking highly are multi-authored – becoming magazines in their own right. Perhaps this is the future of blogging?

While it’s not trying to say print is dead, as advertisers will always keep that going, digital is the future. But is this something we didn’t already know?

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