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Vogue puts together the Influencer Network of powerful women in social media

14 Jul

The idea is that brands can use the influence of these women who have a strong reputation on Facebook, and fashion site Polyvore.

Vogue has ever been the biggest influence in the fashion sphere and has cleverly used this to also hold sway in the social media sphere.

These people then test new products, give brands their honest opinions based on their social media expertise and knowledge.

“There are a lot of people who are self-appointed experts,” says Susan Plagemann, vp, publisher of Vogue. “The biggest difference is, we’re developing a program of ambassadors who spread the word digitally across a very big network about the access that’s been given because of Vogue.”

So who are these influencers?

Well a lot of them are young bloggers who have become self-confessed experts on the fast-moving world of fashion and blog at their disgression about this.

Some of these include:

Bonnielee Cuevas  she founded a lifestyle website, Pink Couture Life, empowering people, she writes, to “live happy, stylish, and in the pink.”

Christa Marzan is a 24-year-old blogger. She describes herself as “just a girl who likes fashion.” She counts some 1,678 Twitter followers.

So there’s probably nothing stopping a lot of bloggers on Twitter out there to apply for this themselves and let’s face it – its a great thing to put on a CV!

Will it work?

E consultancy seriously questions the idea of using people such as bloggers, some with only a reach of 400 or so on Twitter to advise multi-billion pound companies. Are these people really that influential and should brands buy into a network that really might not be as qualified as they want?

What do you think of the Influencer Network? Would you want to be a part of it?

Let us know!